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Meaningful fittness is getting more and more popular. E.g. fittness for a stronger core, as Pilates. Stronger pelvic floor is the goal of an increasing number of programs, further more, these new programs are ready to move over Kegels. Finally! They are often based on yoga or on belly dance, etc. Personally I love and believe in strengthening my core. And I also love to laugh. Zenkahuna managed to promise me both with his pelvic program. Sadly I noticed that this tutorial is not available anymore to watch. What a pitty! It was quite complex to explain here how to do it. Zenkahuna was walking on his knees in an interesting fashion that is not easy to imitate. Yet you can find several other interesting exercises on their TV Channel on You Tube. Dr. Rocannon Macgregor is behind Zenkahuna's beard. He's over 60 and he trains with what he calls "Primal Movement Gear", Club bells, Kettle bells, ropes, hammers and other stuff. :


zenkahunas chanel

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