Gambling (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

Gambling (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)


Statistics on addiction and gambling reveal the negative impacts of gambling addiction. Incidents of bankruptcy, crime, corruption, domestic abuse, destruction of marriages and families, and suicide attempts are higher in the lives of those with a gambling addiction than with any other addiction. This new 96-page, Christian addiction recovery mini-book, Gambling: Betting Your Life Away, helps you or your loved one find freedom from an addiction to gambling.

Once the exhilarating ecstasy of winning has captured the mind, will, and emotions, all bets are off on the likelihood that people will find freedom on their own without gambling treatment. But don’t bet your life away! With the transforming work and intervention of the Holy Spirit, freedom from a gambling addiction is possible.

This Christian addiction recovery mini-book is easy-to-read and covers signs of the 4 different types of gambling:

social gambling
professional gambling
compulsive gambling
pathological gambling

Gambling: Betting Your Life Away will give you :

God’s heart on gambling—find out the parables Jesus told on money and gambling.
Gambling’s false promises
How to beat the get rich quick” mentality
How do we reverse our focus: to worship God over gambling?
How can you hang onto God love and let go of cheap love.

June Hunt, a Christian counselor, includes helpful insights and biblical wisdom to help you determine whether you or a friend struggle with a gambling addiction.


How to know whether you are a problem gambler and need gambling treatment
The compulsive gambling quiz
Treatment programs for gambling addiction
How to target a transformed life
How to walk out of problem gambling in a godly way
How to conduct a crisis intervention
And much more.

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