Locky Lockerson’s 2019 College Football Season Preview

Locky Lockerson’s 2019 College Football Season Preview


Every college football season can be crazy and exciting. Watching the sport is easily the best way to spend a Saturday for millions of people. For those who bet on college football games, it’s even crazier. When the season is so dramatic, and the games hinge on “Hail Mary” touchdowns and last-second field goals, figuring out who will win before the season can be nearly impossible to decipher.

So what if there were ways to know right now which teams can really win it all this year, and which teams may disappoint? And what if answering that question meant simplifying our understanding of the sport, instead of making it more complicated?

These are the central questions in a new guide, “Locky Lockerson’s 2019 College Football Season Preview.” Contained in the guide:
–Win-total projections and predictions for all 130 FBS teams using two decades of past season data and algorithms
–An in-depth explanation of what player wins the Heisman every year, and how you can use that to find this year’s winner
–Which statistics really matter to a team’s performance, and which ones you can safely ignore
–A process to determine which teams can really win the title, using past market information and analytics
–Bet recommendations for every team — over or under their win total? Where is the team’s value in the conference and playoff markets?

Twitter handicapper @LockyLockerson (real name Ken Barkley) takes you through each of these topics, trying to make sense of the puzzle that is college football each year. Whether your favorite team is almighty Alabama or rebuilding Rutgers, there are ways to look at your team’s profile to know what kind of season is in store for them.