Packer Progression Betting System: The World’s Fastest Winning Betting System (Games Book 1)

Packer Progression Betting System: The World’s Fastest Winning Betting System (Games Book 1)


$35 Is All The Bankroll You Need to Win $1,110 an Hour With the Packer Progression!
Revealed for the First Time the Packer Progression Pulls In Sky-High Wins Off Tiny Bankrolls!
Developed For Kerry Packer, an Australian Millionaire, for his Exclusive Use, It Is Now Being Released to a Few More Players!
Called the “world’s simplest betting strategy” it is also the fastest winning strategy. Breaking all records, it returns 369% an hour on every dollar of bankroll used. Every $100 “invested” wins $369 an hour in net profits, every hour the system is used!
This is the First Release of the Unstoppable Packer Progression – the System of Millionaires!

I thought I had seen it all.
I have used just about every betting system ever created.
I have developed several outstanding systems myself, and I have been fortunate to have some of the world’s smartest system creators working with me to develop the best gambling systems available today!
I thought I had seen it all until I discovered the system used by Kerry Packer to win millions off the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.
Last year I attended a reunion of MGM Grand old timers, mostly employees who worked at the MGM Grand in the 1990s.

Charlie W. was one of the baccarat dealers at the MGM Grand when Kerry Packer won close to $20 Million in three days. He passed the system on to me and after I learned it I was astounded by the raw power of the Packer Progression!
The Awesome Power of Packer Progression
Let me tell you a little bit about the Packer Progression:
It uses from six to nine bets and is a very low bankroll system. It only takes $35 to get started.
It is a low bet spread system. The highest bet is only twice as large as the smallest bet.
It wins at a blazing fast rate. For instance, it takes two minutes to hit a win online and about nine minutes to win in a land-based game.
There is no card tracking, bet tracking or counting decisions entailed.
And, it wins like no other system I have ever seen. Anyone with $35 can win $1,110 an hour with this system.
The Packer Progression Uses New Concepts Never Seen Before in a Winning
Betting System
It is not a progressive betting system. In fact its bets are almost flat.
It does not use the Martingale, Labouchère or Ascot betting system, nor does it use a Simple Regression, Parlay bets or any other old-time betting system.
It relies on small bets to set up unique opportunities for a High-Profitability Bet called the Corner Bet.
And, it uses a never-before-released bet selection system that wins on trending, counter- trending and choppy tables at the highest win rate ever documented!

The Packer Progression Is Not Like Any Betting System Ever Created –
It uses only six to nine Special Bets.
And the bets are not in a traditional progression.
These are special bets designed to set up the High-Profit Corner Bet.
The Corner Bet is a special timing bet set up by wins using the Packer Progression.
While the Progression Bets are a strong winning system in themselves, when the Corner Bet is added something extraordinary occurs –
Packer Progression becomes the fastest and highest winning betting system ever tested!
When I welcome you to the world of Packer Progression, I am inviting you to become
one of the few players who will gain access to the system developed for a billionaire that wins like crazy for players using just $35!