Spark Your Gambling Recovery: Take Back Your Money And Your Life!

Spark Your Gambling Recovery: Take Back Your Money And Your Life!


Have you:
• Promised yourself and others to stop betting — simply to return to the card room or race track the next day?

• Lost money you needed for rent or groceries?

• Borrowed cash from friends and family not to satisfy debts but to gamble? 

•  Lost track of how much money — and time – you’ve given up to gambling? 
• Hidden losses from a spouse or loved one?

• Lost an ally, relative,  job, car or home because you put your wish to gamble first?

• Gambled because you preferred feeling numb instead of feeling self-contempt, rage or depression?

Did you recognize yourself in one of the questions? More than one? If the answer is yes, you are likely already a problem gambler or you are at significant risk to develop the addiction.   You are not alone in this predicament.  This trouble shows up in all colors and ages; it holds no regard for intellect, academic success or professional position. A relationship with gambling is the same as a relationship with a bottle of booze — there’s no space for anyone or anything else. 

Dr. Sandra Block is a clinical psychologist who has treated accountants, college students, men and women who own and run large businesses, lawyers, doctors, parents, active and retired service members.  These are everyday people whose way of life turned upside down due to a gambling addiction; individuals who lost their homes, jobs, marriages, professional certificates, and retirement funds.  
If quitting gambling is right for you; and if now is the time to change your behavior — this book is for you.  It includes answers to your questions:
Chapter 1 – Are You A Problem Gambler?
Chapter 2 – What Type Of Gambler Are You? Why Does It Matter?
Chapter 3 – What Is Gambling Costing You? It Is Not Just Money.
Chapter 4 – How Does Gambling Get You Hooked And Keep You Hooked?
Chapter 5 – What Are Your Gambling Triggers?
Chapter 6 – How Can You Head Off Triggers For Gambling?
Chapter 7 – Are You Ready To Change Your Behaviors?
Chapter 8 – How Can You Care For Yourself As Part Of Recovery?
Chapter 9 – How Can You Come Back From A Relapse?
Resources – How Can You Find Additional Support For Your Recovery?
I invite you to Spark Your Gambling Recovery and make the changes you need. It will not be easy — but it is possible. Discover your gambling-free life.